Of All The Voices You Hear, Follow Your Own Voice – It Knows The Truth

This week we will look at the 2nd slogan in the evaluating your practice section.  The traditional version is Of The Two Witnesses, Hold The Principle One.  Here the two witnesses are other peoples views, thoughts, opinions and your own.  The principle witness is your own insight and that is where you put your trust.  This slogan points to that common saying: to thine own self be true.  It is based in the fundamental understanding that no matter where your life takes you, “you” have always been there, and will continue to be there.

You know the truth about who you are; and it is not the opinions, criticism/praise and judgment of other people.  The more aware and comfortable you are with your own truth, the stronger your inner core.  You will not be as swayed by the whims and judgments of others.  You are your own best judge.  Believe it or not, you aren’t even as critical of yourself as you think.  Often we criticize ourselves because of what we think others would think of us.  But if we just listen to the small still voice within, we might learn to hear our own sense of what is true for us.  We might learn to take in a more accurate assessment of how we are doing.  The more we listen, the louder and stronger the voice becomes until it might become the guide that shows us the way to liberation.

There is, however, a caution to this slogan which I think Norman Fisher brings out nicely.  Norman calls this slogan Trust Your Own Eyes and points out its seemingly contradictory appearance from last weeks slogan of releasing the ego.  He points out that many of these slogans come in pairs with a balancing between the two energies or understanding.  Here we are balancing between our ego driven thoughts, opinions and expectations against the open, understanding, acceptance of our heart.  Often we are raised to let the ego rule.  This slogan gives us permission to let our heart have an equal say.  And when it is all said and done, trust the voice of the heart first.



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