The Starting Point To Accessing The Most Powerful Aspect Of Being Human

This week we will be exploring two more slogans from the transforming bad circumstances section.  The two are Drive All Blames Into One and Be Grateful To Everyone.  Keep in mind all 59 slogans are ultimately to help us train the mind.  They are not designed to teach us how to end our suffering/difficulties or make our lives better.  They are to allow us to cultivate kindness – the most powerful aspect of being human – and the longer you contemplate them you will see how ingenious they are at that cultivation.

Take drive all blames into one which means we stop looking outside ourselves around any harm, suffering, pain, challenge or difficulty in life.  Instead we take personal responsibility for it all.  There isn’t enough space in this post (and you would hate the length of the email) for me to fully unpack this but if you think about it, we are forever trapped in the harm of others.  The fact is people cause harm.  We are destructive beings and there’s no questioning that fact.  There is harm all around us regardless of where you stand on any political, environmental, religious or social issue and most of it stems from the wrongful conduct of another.

An untrained mind will take this unfortunate state of humankind and spin in a vortex of trying to solve, correct, fix the situation by making the offender acknowledge the wrongfulness of their conduct and take it back.  But even as I type this (and you read this), we know it is impossible to change other people.  So we are left with the spinning.  In this first slogan, we don’t fall for the mind’s spinning trap.  Instead we turn inward to release whatever suffering we feel from the awareness of the harm regardless of its source.  From this inner door we can let go of the need to blame and free up the mind’s spinning energy which then allows us to be responsive to the harms in our lives, our communities and our world.

But first, we have to be willing to acknowledge we are spinning and not actually “responding” to harm.  Which brings in the second slogan – be grateful to everyone.  No one survives alone.  We are all interdependent on others.  Being grateful doesn’t mean we turn into some door mat.  There’s actually a strong reason for practicing gratitude.  Gratitude softens the mind.  The softer our minds, the more we can clearly comprehend the harshness and futility of our spinning.  Once we unentangle ourselves from the spinning – we can get on with doing something about the harm.

See you tomorrow – Tuere:))


One response to “The Starting Point To Accessing The Most Powerful Aspect Of Being Human

  1. This is a great post, Tuere, thank you

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