The Power of Kindness

Between the Women’s March on January 21st and the Airport protests on January 28th, I became empowered by kindness.  I have experienced and believed in the power of kindness for quite some time now, but over the span of a week I touched into something far more resilient.  I know it is not my kindness and yet I can feel it’s power flowing through me.  This kindness is not connected to one thing or event.  It has been steadily growing within me since the Women’s March and by Saturday night it was almost too much to bare.

Just before bed on Saturday, I took a moment to sit with all the dread, panic and elation from the day.  I thought about all the travelers who were suddenly detained without warning.  I remembered a video clip I saw of a middle aged Iranian man in tears over concern for his brother.  I asked myself this question:  If I were suddenly arrested what would I miss the most?  What would I want in detention with me as a refuge.  It was my 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva cards.  I realized I would write them on toilet paper if need be just to have them close.

Tonight we talked about this profound kindness that has been springing up in protests all over the country this last week and the practices that we hold close or take refuge in.  We talked about the kindness as a sense of solidarity, that when we stand as part of the collective we can feel it but not so much when we stand as an individual.  We talked about the aliveness it brings.  How is creates capacity we didn’t know we had and whether we are willing and able to take a risk to join into the collective and be apart of a larger voice.  We even talk about ordinary acts of kindness some of us experienced over the last week and the profound impact it had on us.  We peered into the question of whether we can even connect to this power and still hold a voice of outrage and anger.  By the end of the sit, it was clear that the kindness that is stirring in this country is real.  It is powerful and it is active.

I feel so tender and expansive right now that I asked the group to hold off on reviewing the book.  Instead I would like to use our weekly sit to connect with whatever is most alive for us.  Life seems so fluid that I want our group to be a refuge that provides a sense of solidarity, collectiveness and kindness.  I want us to help each other stay grounded in our practice and connected to this greater gift of kindness.  So instead of writing a post before the sit, we will write a post after the sit to sum up the wisdom we connected with during the evening’s exploration.

May the collective wisdom we touched into tonight support us in finding a practice that we can truly take refuge in and support us in turning towards this practice throughout the upcoming week.  With a deep bow….





One response to “The Power of Kindness

  1. I am so grateful for the wisdom and heart of this sangha. Thank you, Tuere, and all who shared last night, and all whose strength and lovingkindness were felt just by their presence.

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