The Defilement of Grudge

What is a grudge?  A Japanese horror movie?  A persistent feeling of resentment resulting from a past insult or injury?  A grain of irritation around which we’ve built layer upon layer of protection, turning this into a precious treasure?

I would say yes, all of these!

Apologies for the late send, but here are a couple of readings on the matter.

The Removal of Grudges

The Healing of the Bull

I like The Healing of the Bull – if you all are game, perhaps I will read that aloud instead of talking.

Look forward to seeing you tonight, as long as we are not experiencing a full-on major storm!

—Jane Grafton

EDITORS NOTE: Reminder and last call for RSVPs for this Saturday’s Annual Meeting. You must RSVP for directions. More details here.


3 responses to “The Defilement of Grudge

  1. Hi, Jane,

    Thanks for the Healing of the Bull story 🙂 When I click on the Removal of Grudges link, it also takes me to the Healing of the Bull. Perhaps you could resend the other link? Thanks, Jean

  2. Both links took me to The Healing of the Bull. Is the following link to the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies the one you meant for The Removal of Grudges?

  3. The links were fixed in the post but if you clicked from the email notification they were initially incorrectly set. Please try again from the posted links.

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