Annual Meeting Date Change

Annual Meeting moves to Oct 15

Every fall members of the Sangha gather for an informal business meeting around our anniversary. Everyone is invited. Please mark you calendar now for the morning of Saturday, October 15. We’ll have a potluck brunch starting at 10 AM and plan to be together a couple of hours. The “business” we discuss is how we structure our weekly time together including handling tasks, timing, what’s included and the sequence of those things, sharing leadership, etc. We’ll meet in the Common House of Spencer & Sheila’s cohousing community near 12th Avenue Arts. Please RSVP to let us know if you’d like to attend by making a comment below. Your comment will not be posted. We’ll send email information closer to event with exact directions.


7 responses to “Annual Meeting Date Change

  1. Count me in still! ~ Mary Anne

  2. I plan on attending.

  3. I would like to attend even though I can’t make it on Thursdays very often.

  4. Hi, I plan on attending the breakfast meeting on Oct. 15th. Thank you!

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  6. Hi, Sheila – I can’t remember if I RSVP’d but I’d love to come. Thanks!

  7. I’d like to come to the meeting on Saturday, if it’s not canceled because of the storm.

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