Conclusion of Ashin Tejania’s Talk

This week we will listen to the final segment of U Tejania’s talk on What is Meditation.  I explained why we were spending so much time of this talk last Thursday, but I will repeat it here for those of you who could not attend. As soon as we delve into a more specific discussion of the defilements our minds will step into high gear.  We all know anger, jealousy, unkindness, vanity, dissatisfaction, pessimism, contempt, etc.  It fact, Venerable Pannavati gave us a list with 108 defilements and we can describe everyone of them with particularity!  The problem with this is that it leaves no room for awareness, wisdom and investigation.  We would simply be in a conversation about our opinions about each defilement rather than an exploration of experience.  So we are taking the time to consider how to practice in a way that allows us to open to our experiences and share the wisdom of that.

In the second part of U Tejania’s talk he speaks about awareness.  I took away four points in Vipassana practice:

  1. Skillfulness improves as we have more ease in awareness of the 6 sense doors.
  2. The object of Vipassana is wisdom and that comes from awareness of information coming in from all the sense doors during an experience.
  3. In Vipassana we want the mind to be agile and responsive so we know what the mind is aware of.
  4. Practicing awareness of the sense doors will over time – increase our sensitivity to the sense doors, increases our ease and capacity to be aware of the sense doors and increases out continuity of mindfulness.

Tomorrow we will listen and share our experiences around the last part of the tape.  I hope to see you there…



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