What is Meditation?

This week we will return to our practice with Ashin U Tejaniya.  Before we delve back into the book, I’d like us to spend some time listening to what U Tejaniya has to say about his practice.  In May of this year, U Tejaniya offered a retreat in Beatenberg, Switzerland.  One of his talks at the beginning of the retreat is titled “What is Meditation?”.  I would like to listen to this talk and explore it together.  The talk is too long to cover in one week.  It is 1 hour, 11 mins long.  I figure we can listen to it in parts starting this week.

You can find the talk on Dharma Seed (search Dharma Talks – What is meditation).  Here is the link to Dharma Seed http://www.dharmaseed.org/.  Dharma Seed is a nonprofit organization that provides hundreds of talks and guided meditations from various of Buddhist teachers.  They operate strictly on the voluntary generosity of others. Please give dana for the use of the talks.

I am providing the talk info for those of you who would like to listen to the talk before group. We will play some of it as our dhamma talk at group on Thursday and then explore what comes up for us.






One response to “What is Meditation?

  1. The direct link to the talk on meditation is http://www.dharmaseed.org/teacher/246/talk/34400/

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