Relationship with Others: The World

First and foremost, my sincere apologies for the late post. Somehow I thought I had already sent it.

Tonight we will turn the exploration towards our relationship with the world.  Basically this is the neutral person; the 4th Metta category.  I say the world because this is the largest category and yet it is the least noticed.  This category connects you to life and the reality that you are nothing without another.  We live as if the world revolves around us (individually) but take a second look around.  There is nothing in your world that comes solely from you.

We are 100% dependent upon another which we rarely acknowledge.  Why do you think that is?  Why do we simply ignore 99% of the people in the world?  We see them on the news, walking around, in the goods and services we consume. We know they exist.  We know there are billions of people alive all over this world.  We know of their cultures and may even enjoy their music, literature and designs.  We know there are people who plant and harvest the food we eat; make the clothes we wear; manufacture the materials our homes are made out of .  We know this because we know we didn’t do it.  Why then don’t we have a real sense of these people (who are clearly important) in our lives?  I’d like to talk about ways we could increase our sense of connection to the world population – the neutral person.

See you tonight…



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