Relationship with Others: Family

Tomorrow we will turn our exploration towards the complications of family.  In Metta practice this category is often linked with friends.  It is practiced under our loved ones and is generally considered to be part of the easier category to connect with our friendlier/kinder energy.  I can somewhat understand this because I usually use family members I am close to like my kids and mom or I lump everybody together as one unit.  It’s when I start practicing with individual family members that things start getting complicated.

Greg Kramer (Insight Dialogue founder) said something to me the other day that really got me to thinking a little deeper about this topic.  He asked me “how would I ever know my own arrogance without another person?”  I knew this on some level but where I began to reconsider my understanding was around the family members with whom I have difficult relationships. Could it be that I have difficulties because they show me things about myself I don’t want to see?  Would I really be better off if I never had our arguments, disagreement and run-ins?  And on an even deeper level, couldn’t it be possible that I came into this lifetime specifically to deal with the very issues they trigger in me?

I wonder what it would look like if I held my discord with them the way I hold difficult sits.  Think about it – what if your most beneficial family members were the ones you get along with the least.  How would you be able to see and understand this?  If turning towards suffering is the path to liberation and genuine happiness, I think I have been going about this the wrong way.  What about you?

See you all tomorrow…Tuere




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