Relationship with Others: Ashin Vimala

A monastic friend of mine is in Seattle.  I asked if he could come share the Dharma with us this Thursday and he has graciously agreed!  Ashin Vimala is very special to me.  I met him last year at the annual Cascadia Insight Dialogue retreat.  We talked a little about his life and I told him a little about mine. He ordained with Sayadaw U Tejaniya.  He is based at the Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Forest Monastery in Myanmar but does not live a typical monastic life.  He maintains all 270 vows but does so while practicing as a free range monk.  He is what I would call a wondering monk – going wherever the Dharma calls to him.  For the next couple of weeks he happens to be living in Seattle.  His practice interests include: right view, a warm friendly knowing what’s happening in the moment, continuity of awareness, understanding reality as it is with an open heart mind and friendly sharing of experience with others.

In addition to his Dharma practice, Vimala is an Insight Dialogue practitioner and a practitioner of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.  His training, his practice and the way he lives is centered in relationship.  It feels so auspicious to me that he would be here right as we are exploring relationships.  I asked if he would share a few words about his life and the nature of relational practice.  He said he would prefer to hear how we understand the nature of relational practice but agreed to share for about 10 – 15 minutes.  Then we’ll get some tea and open the discussion to all. I figure together we can all touch into a deeper place of understanding.

I know I’m a little biased, but I think he is one of the kindest and most approachable monastic I have known.  I hope you can join us (we may never have this opportunity again).



One response to “Relationship with Others: Ashin Vimala

  1. Right on! what a wonderful and propitious opportunity. And with Ajahn Sundara offering a talk at SIMS on Friday night and leading a non-residential retreat there on Saturday, it’s like a monastic double-header.

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