Mistakenly Making Our Experiences Personal

My deepest apologies for the late post it has been an extremely taxing week for me.  The distortion we will be exploring tomorrow night is about mistakenly seeing a self where there is no self – in other words – we take (or make) life experiences personal.   We do this through our opinions, biases, judgments and views.  Practicing around this distortion means learning to see the limitation of our opinions, biases, judgments and views.  They are all based in thought, thought which is made up of past experiences, culture, tradition, parenting style, environment, etc and not present reality.  Our present reality is filtered through the personal lens of our opinions, biases, judgments and views.

Its what happens when 10 people see a crime being committed.  All 10 people view what happened from their own vantage point.  Everyone sees the same event and yet no 2 people will describe the event the same way.  We don’t have to live long before realizing that we all experience life from filtered senses.  The problem with blindly going through life without paying attention to these filtered senses is that we never really show up.  We live more of a carbon copy life than an original life.

With practice we can began to see these filters.  Its not about making them (the filters) go away or trashing all our opinions, biases, judgments and views.  Its about seeing the filters, or at least, remembering we have them and allowing ourselves to open to additional information.  Additional information that we can only become aware of if we are mindful of the present moment.

Tomorrow we’ll explore together what it would take to open in this way.  We’ll talk about the drawbacks and limitations of living with these blinders from our personal lives and what life would be like with less blinders.



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