Forgetting All Conditioned Things Are Impermanent

This week we will be exploring the first distortion – taking that which is impermanent to be permanent.  Another way it has been described is sensing no change in the changing.  In this distortion we cannot see or experience the natural flow of experience.  Basically, the mind is hardwired to do a little slight of hand and we forget that whatever arises will at some point end.  We forget that the nature of life is constant movement.  We know it on an intellectual level but somehow we forget.  Then something changes in our life or we shift from a good mood to a bad mood and we fight it.

What is it about impermanence that is so difficult to accept.  Nature is always showing us that our existence is always in the process of change.  We see it in the weather, our bodies and time.  We see it in the shelf life of food/produce.  We see it in our cell phones, computers and appliances.  We see it in our housing situations and relationships.  Its all around us and yet the minute something changes we get upset.  Why is that?

Tomorrow we will see if we can open our collective minds to possible answers to this question by investigating the nature of what we think impermanence is and how we experience it individually.  See you tomorrow night!





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