Parami – Wisdom

I am glad to be home. My heart is with urban practice. I like practicing with the nuances of day to day life in the big city. Retreat practice affords me the opportunity be still and look deeply into my conditioning and question the assumptions I am living with. But the real gift is when I can apply my new retreat understanding into my everyday life circumstances.

This is the essence of the Wisdom Parami. Wisdom is embodied understanding and application of Buddha’s teachings. It is what arises when we slow down and notice what is actually happening against the backdrop of the commentator in our heads rather than simply following our habits of the mind.  From the perspective of a liberated mind, existing on autopilot or habitually moving throughout our day is the opposite of wisdom.  Being aware of how you are relating to your experience as you move throughout your day is the basis for wisdom.

I read the posts from the previous weeks and was impressed by how much each person talked about their Parami from their own experience. This is wisdom. It is gained not books or intellectual discussions but rather from your own personal practice with a teaching. The wisdom of enlightenment is not something you learn from someone or something outside of you – it is something that gets illuminated within you when you take the time to look at experience within the framing of Buddha’s teachings.

See you tomorrow…



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