Generosity – the first Parami

We are starting our exploration of the ten paramis this week. They are:

Generosity, Virtue, Renunciation, Wisdom, Equanimity, Patience, Persistence, Truth, Determination, Lovingkindness

This week we are looking at Generosity. This is at the core of all Buddhist practices. The Buddha famously said that if we knew the value of a single act of generosity, we would never miss an opportunity to practice it. It is a practice that can delight us before we actually do it, while we are actually being generous, and after we have been generous. It is a 3-for-1!

Here is a link to a page with all the paramis. There are links there for talks, written descriptions, and exercises. Feel free to find the mode which works for you best, then give generosity a try. I’ll suggest a couple of ideas here, but don’t feel limited to them.

  • Do something nice for a friend or coworker. Give them a little note or email of appreciation, maybe a flower, maybe pass on a picture you think they’d like.
  • Put some money in your pocket then give it away. Maybe $5 to the person ahead of you in the checkout line. Maybe a buck to a stranger on the street.
  • Call someone and actually talk to them. Give them some of your time.
  • Give yourself a break, a hot bath, a nip of chocolate, or just some quiet.

Be aware of how it feels before, during and after your generosity. Maybe we can share these experiences on Thursday.

We have several people who have signed up to lead topics for the next few weeks. If you think you’d like to lead the discussion, post a comment on this page and I’ll see it and get back to you.

See you Thursday!



One response to “Generosity – the first Parami

  1. Another excellent reference is the book Parami: Ways ot Cross the Floods by Ajahn Succitto, available for free download at

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