Seeing the Footprints!

As we continue with the Oxherding stories we see in the 2nd picture that our Ox Herder as spotted footprints.  He/she still hasn’t seen the ox but knows something is there.

Last week we talked about the difficulties when we are searching for a way out of our problems.  We explored the pain and anguish that comes with that searching and the need to stay with it.  This week we’ll explore what happens when we see footprints.

The footprints represent our basic, untested trust in the Dharma.  We have heard from teachers, read books and maybe even learned to meditate.  We believe there is something to this but we’re not sure what it is.  Our search takes on new energy but wait a minute, hold on, not so fast.  There’s still a lot of confusion around whether this practice has any real substance.  Maybe it’s just the latest fad.  This picture is about hopefulness and doubt.  Our balance between the two will determine whether we will stay with the search or just give up and go home.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

With a deep bow…





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