The Oxherding Stories!

Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone:

I have missed being with you and am really looking forward to seeing you tonight.  I appreciate your patience and continuity of practice even in my absence.  To show my appreciation I would like to offer teachings over the next month and a half on the Ten Oxherding Stories.  The Oxherding stories are a sequence of 10 pictures and proses that discuss the unfolding of wisdom through practice.  They are from the Zen tradition and are an excellent way to understand the relationship between mind and practice.

Often we talk about mind as the problem to awakening.  In reality, we do not awaken outside of mind or in spite of mind.  We awaken within mind.  An awakened mind is wisdom.  It is the capacity to see and clearly comprehension the nature of the way things truly exist.  The Oxherding stories spell out the process of this awakening within the mind.

We will begin tonight with The Search for the Ox.  We will explore how our human consciousness is both a blessing and a curse.  We have the capacity to think and reflect which brings great benefit to our everyday life.  This capacity to think and reflect is also the foundation behind our search for contentment.  Without contentment, what is the meaning of existence.  This search can be very unsettling.  It can leave us pretty unsatisfied with all our attempts.  It is into this unsettled, unsatisfied existence that we start our journey to find mind.

My apologies for the late post and any inconvenience it may cause.  My level of commitments have risen expeditiously and I am gradually learning how to maneuver through.  I hope you will still be able to make it tonight.

With a deep bow…



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