Caring for Ourselves

Chapter 7 of A Fearless Heart provides a lot of direct experience around practicing self compassion.  We will focus our exploration this week around two points.  First learning how to be with our own suffering.  As human beings we all will inevitably suffer.  We all know this.  We have lived with it for our entire lives.  Yet every time somethings goes wrong, an unpleasant feeling arises, we do something we wish we hadn’t, etc. – we isolate ourselves and try to bury our feelings deep inside to avoid any pain that may be associated with the difficulty.

It’s so common that it seems redundant for me to mention it here.  But here again, Dr. Jinpa has articulated why we do this from a completely different view.  Just the simple distinction between observing experiences and evaluating experience can shift a lot of our suffering.  We will explore this more tomorrow.

The second point I would like to explore more is the practice of self-forgiveness.  We are so much harder on ourselves that any other living being.  Why!?!  What do we gain from this?  Dr. Jinpa provides a lot of practice possibilities to help with this but I fear that if we have a lot of anger towards ourselves we will never get to the practice. I fear we think we need to like ourselves at least enough to forgive ourselves.  Tomorrow I’d like to explore what keeps us from practicing with self forgiveness and the possibilities that open up when we do the practice.  Hopefully we will all be inspired to let go of any expectations around liking ourselves and set aside a few minutes every day to simply say the words.

With a deep bow…



One response to “Caring for Ourselves

  1. I wish I could be there tomorrow, as this is a theme dear to my heart. As I’ve spent the past 2 months being fairly isolated and limited due to not being able to put any weight on my foot, I’ve had lots of time to consider how there is a distinction between pain and suffering….and how sticking with observing and acknowledging what appears has been calming to me. I’m grateful for our practice, as it has stood me well and hopefully will continue to do so as i recover. I’ll come back to the group as soon as I can safely get there under my own power.

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