Getting Unstuck

*(See Note at Bottom of Page) Tomorrow we will return to A Fearless Heart – Chapter 6.  Rarely do we talk about compassion as the source for movement and shifts in life.  Instead we see/use our weighted and stressful lives as the reason we can’t connect with compassion.  Dr. Jinpa’s discussion demonstrates, however, that deliberate practice with compassion is what generates its own energy to enable connection/empathy and that connection/empathy generates its own energy for our own personal happiness and sense of well-being.

As Dr. Jinpa notes we live in a highly competitive world which necessarily breeds jealousy and resentment.  No matter how we try to pretend we are not jealous, the fact remains we live with a natural comparing mind.  The level of competitiveness in the world today quietly fosters a pervasive backdrop of jealousy.  Left unchecked, this jealousy can soon turn into resentment and cynicism.

Chapter 6 identifies studies which demonstrate that daily kindness and compassion meditative practices are very beneficial our physical bodies.  The practices help lower our heart rates, blood pressure and tones (raises) our vagus nerve.  Studies show that the higher the vagal tone the more we feel closeness to others.  What this means is that we do not have to generate compassion, our own brains will do it for us if we are willing to practice reconnecting with our softer side.

Reconnecting with the softer side of us, even for 10 minutes a day, generates gratitude and humanness.  The more we touch this, the more we are able to be  happy and safe in the world.  This happiness and safety comes not because everything is perfect but because we know it doesn’t have to be.

See you tomorrow…


Forgot to mention:  Don’t forget to RSVP for the All Sangha Meeting – This Sunday 9am to noon.  All are welcome, regardless of how often you are able to attend the sit.


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