Another look at intention

While Tuere is out this week, we thought it would be good to spend time talking about intention among ourselves. First, here is a short quote from Phillip Moffitt about intention from his book, “Dancing with Life”. Following that we offer a 3 day homework assignment for your consideration.

“Intention is the pivot point that allows you to dance with life. It is the bridge between understanding and action. Understanding without intention is conceptual and passive, no matter how profound it may be. Wise intention, on the other hand, has an immediate, energetic, attentive quality. Said another way, all your mental or physical acts involve volition. Your intention is the ground from which all volition arises and is the primary determinant of whether your actions will plant beneficial or harmful seeds. Intention quite literally affects all your mental formations — thoughts, association, and emotions. Just as a shoemaker sees shoes, and an artist notices designs, you see what supports your wise intention and what does not, and you develop the strength to act accordingly.

So these next few days, take time first thing in the morning and actually state an intention – something you want to lay as a basis for all your interactions that day. In the evening, look back and see if there was any effect radiating from that intention.

We hope to see you Thursday evening.
Sheila & spencer


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