Turning Intention into Motivation

This week we will began the exploration around how to turn our Compassion into Action.  Dr. Jinpa begins part 2 of his book with a strong and solid discussion around importance of working with all four Brahma Viharas  (see earlier posts for more information).  I really like his definitions and believe they are worth repeating for those of you who have not been able to obtain a copy of the book.  Lovingkindness is “just the pure wish for someone to be happy (including ourselves)”.  Sympathetic Joy is “experiencing happiness at someone else’s happiness or good fortune” and Equanimity which is “staying calm no matter what life throws at us”.  Compassion, of course, is the fourth.  We will talk more about the essence of these on Thursday.

Dr. Jinpa also talked the difference between motivation, which is the reason behind our actions and intention, which is an articulation of a deliberate, conscious goal.  He discusses two practices intentions and dedication.  We will explore these aspects on Thursday as well.  We will try adding the practices to our daily activities and next week we will talk about the benefits of these practices.

See you Thursday…



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