Venerable Pannavati

Venerable Pannavati will be giving the Dharma Talk this Thursday.  She is one of the most fierce and inspiring teachers in the West.  I have sat with her since 2011.  I owe a lot of my expansiveness and mental stability to her wisdom and instruction.  She helped me renew and revitalize my practice.  I hope you will be able to come.

We will start at our usual time 6:45 PM.  We are expecting practitioners from the People of Color and Allies Sangha, the Lotus Sisters and Dharma Brothers.  We had an inspiring evening last year and I suspect this Thursday will be just as enlightening.  Here is a brief bio and photo.

Ven Pannavati Pic

Ven. Dr. Pannavati, is a leader in social justice. Co-Abbot of Embracing Simplicity Hermitage in the US and a founding circle director of Sisters of Compassionate Wisdom, an international 21st century trans-lineage Buddhist Order. Ordained in both Theravada and Mahayana traditions, she is a teacher and contemplative engaged in compassionate action globally; advocating an egalitarian way of life for all regardless of race, class, gender, lifestyle preference, monastic or lay. A recipient of numerous international humanitarian awards for working with America’s homeless youth, India’s Untouchables and ordaining Thai and Cambodian nuns. Pannavati is known for her wit, humor, clarity and approachability. In her customary teaching delivery, she offers individual pointing rather than a generalized approach.. or

See you Thursday!



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