The Kindness-Compassion Connection

This week we’ll continue with Thupten Jinpa’s  A Fearless Heart. Please read through to the end of Chapter 1. Throughout this section, Mr. Jinpa blends traditional Buddhist concepts and personal experience with the latest in brain science on compassion and happiness. The more we exercise our compassion muscles in service to others, the more strength we have for ourselves. “This is the catch— a happy catch— to compassion: The more we are in it for other people, the more we get out of it ourselves.”

As we finish this chapter, we’ll discuss memorable moments of compassion and kindness – where we extended compassion and kindness to others, where we were the recipients of compassion, and where we witnessed acts of kindness between others. These moments help us reconnect with our own capacity for compassion. As Mr. Jinpa points out, kindness is contagious and simply seeing someone help another person influences us. “Witnessing kindness makes us feel compassionate, and compassion predicts helping behavior.”

In Tuere’s absence this week, I’ll do my best to facilitate our group. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Stephen Bardin


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