Trust Emergence, Listen Deeply, Speak the Truth

Tonight we will finish up with our exploration of the final three Insight Dialogue guidelines – trust emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth.  In our last discussion we considered how pause, relax and open help us remember to be mindful.  Tonight’s three guidelines support our capacity to hold whatever has arisen without reactivity.

Once we come to accept that reactivity is a natural human response we can loosen our aversion to it.  Reactivity makes sense when we recognize that it is how we push away what we don’t like or could harm us and grasp after what we like or is pleasurable.  In fact, all living being do this.  Even if we were to observe a single living cell under a microscope we would see it draw away from the point of a pen and move towards food.  As a human being with billions of cells, its easy to see that the impulse behind reactivity is hardwired within every fiber of our bodies.  What is not hardwired is our actual reactive behavior.  What we “do”, “say” or “think” in relation to this impulse is where our mindfulness practice comes into play.  At the intersection of reactive impulse and behavior is a gap – an opening, possibility, opportunity.  It is at this intersection that the guidelines trust emergence, listen deeply, speak the truth can support us.

If we had the capacity to be still and hold the impulse to react we could access greater liberation.  We would have access to awareness which allows us to consider everything that is going on both internally and externally.  Having access to greater information we could respond from a place of wisdom, discernment and clear comprehension. The key is learning to hold the impulse rather than trying to change behavior. Practicing with the guidelines trust emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth strengthens our willingness to be still with the impulse.  We learn to recognize the shifting nature of body sensations and gain more ease around feeling sensations of like and don’t like; want and don’t want.  We learn to listen to and trust our inner voice and to respond from a place of honesty not expectation.  See you tonight…



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