Pause, relax, and open

This week we will continue with our exploration of Insight Dialogue. We will focus on the specifics of pause, relax, and open. Returning from a 9-day ID retreat, I have such an appreciation for the support these qualities can provide.

There’s no question that when we are mindful we have more capacity. We all have had moments of peace and ease and can see how helpful a mindfulness practice is in our lives. One of the hardest thing about practice is remembering to connect with it when we really need it. If we could just remember we could create enough space to interrupt and/or make adjustments to even our most dense habit patterns. If we could just remember we could find our way out of the darkness of disturbing emotional mind states.

These guidelines really support our ability to remember practice. They cultivate the skillful habit of remembering to be mindful. The more familiar the guidelines become, the more natural practice becomes. In fact, we began to depend upon internal clarity and mental stability as a foundation for living.

This week we’ll start with exploring what’s possible with pause, relax and open. See you Thursday…



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