Insight Dialogue (ID) practice

This week we’re going to look deeper into the actual Insight Dialogue (ID) practice. Try not to look at this practice as just a new way of talking or you’ll miss the mark. Talking is just one aspect of communication. In fact, there’s nothing to “fix” around our talking because it is what it is.

The deeper question is whether you’re words communicate what is true for you and whether you are really present for the relationships in your life. ID practice brings the stillness and clarity of mindfulness into your everyday encounters with people and yourself. It enables you to begin to move through your life more truthfully and less habitually. ID gets to the heart of the difficulty with relationship – habit!

There are 6 guidelines that help keep us present. They are pause, relax, open, trust emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth. This week we will explore these terms generally. We’ll then explore each guideline more in depth as the weeks progress. Remember, this is all a lead up the the June 27th event, so we’ll also factor in time to formally practice with them.

See you Thursday


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