Speech as conduct…relational meditation

We’re changing topics this week.  We are going to start exploring Insight Dialogue (ID).  ID is relational meditation.  It is the experience of meditation while in relationship with another – primarily through speech.  We’ll be with this topic until the end of June in preparation for the exciting Color and Culture event happening June 27th. Mark your calendar now and we’ll post the flier as soon as it’s available.

This week we are going to open the conversation with an exploration of speech as conduct.  Human existence is relational and speech is how we live out this “relation-ness”. Even if we were to try and live in isolation we would still be in relationship with our mind and memory.  We’ll go into more detail about how ID is practiced in later weeks but for now I’d like to focus on the implications of speech as conduct.  A good place to start would be to discuss how Buddha addressed conduct through the Eight-Fold Path.

The Eight-Fold Path is generally divided into three sections – ethical conduct,  mental development and wisdom.  Speech plays a large role in each of these section. You may remember that right speech is one of the factors of ethical conduct so speech as conduct in this section makes sense.

But consider this – the biggest challenge to meditation is the constant thinking that takes us away, the tone in the way we relate to ourselves about our constant thinking and the fact that we judge our way through a meditation period rather than experience the meditation for whatever it is.  Moreover, the first thing that changes with greater wisdom, insight and discernment is our speech.

See you Thursday.


One response to “Speech as conduct…relational meditation

  1. I’m going to miss this week. Right speech is one of the paths I have most difficulty with. It will be a fascinating and important series, I think.

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