What keeps us from experiencing and/or expressing gratitude

Last week we looked at the distinction between gratitude and appreciation.   Gratitude touches into a deeper heart connection around our vulnerability and need.   According to Thanissaro Bhikkhu, gratitude is reserved for parents,  teachers and benefactors who have our well-being in mind.  These special people help keep us on the path (even so called “bad” parents gave us this precious human birth).  There is an indebtedness quality to gratitude – as if you could never repay the kindness given or shown towards you.

This week we’ll continue our exploration by looking at what keeps us from experiencing and/or expressing gratitude.  We will open the discussion to include the Three Characteristics.  If gratitude is born out of vulnerability and need, how we hold our difficulties and challenges in life says a lot about our experience of gratitude.   When we push away unpleasantness and chase after pleasure, we become consumed around our own efforts.  We create a world where we don’t need anything or anyone.   In doing so, we also block ourselves from receiving one of the heart’s most precious gifts – the gift gratitude.

See you all Thursday…


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