The Three Characteristics

Thank you for such a moving discuss last week. We will continue the discussion this Thursday. It is important that we take our time with this series. As we saw last week, our exploration into forgiveness and gratitude will be at the heart of any meditation practice.

This week we are looking at how our perception if effected by the Three Characteristics – Impermanence, Dissatisfaction and Non- Self (Emptiness). We are starting with unpleasantness but feel free to with pleasant or neutral feeling tones as well. Whenever you sense a quality of aversion see if you can stop, be still and sense into which Characteristic you may be pushing against. Are you trying to hold onto something that has past; are you refusing to accept the real existence of some difficulty – in other words trying to push away the unpleasantness or grasp after something better; or maybe you’re making something personal by creating a story around the experience.

We are just looking to be still with whatever is arising for as long as you can. It can be 1 min, 20 mins, an hour or all day. Just be still and notice. You can notice body sensations, thoughts, moods, images, whatever arises. Keep a quiet note in your subconscious about Impermanence, Dissatisfaction, No Self.

We’ll talk about what we noticed next week. See you Thursday…


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