Deeper into to the Brahma Viharas

We’re starting a new series this Thursday. Well actually we’re going to look deeper into to the Brahma Viharas at the place where we tend to get stuck. We are going to explore Forgiveness and Gratitude. These are two of the most liberating qualities and yet touching into them can be difficult and often very elusive.

To get a closer look, we’ll explore these two qualities through the lens of the Three Characteristics – Dissatisfaction, Impermanence and Non-Self. The Three Characteristics represent the natural conditioning of all experience whether we label that experience good or bad. How we hold and accept these three conditions says a lot about our capacity to experience forgiveness and gratitude.

This week we’ll start with an overview of the Three Characteristics. In the weeks thereafter we’ll look at each characteristic separately and see how it interacts with forgiveness and gratitude.

See you Thursday.


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