The 8-fold path

This week we are going to explore how the Four Brahma Viharas support the 8 Fold Path.  The 8 Fold Path, the way of  liberation, can be divided into the parts – Right Understanding,  Ethical Conduct and Mental Development.

This path is not a linear way.  It is a path of unfolding clarity.  The BVs are what gives us strength and capacity to allow the unfolding to occur. As we journey through live, the BVs are the compass that tells us where we are and helps us live a life that is more congruent with our values/faith.  The more aligned we are with the 4 BVs the more confidence we will have in our actions.

I’ll bring a handout that spells out each of the 8 aspects of the path with and without the influence of the BVs.

See you Thursday!


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