The last Brahma Vihara – Equanimity

This week we will explore the last Brahma Vihara – Equanimity.  It arises when Metta (friendliness) is turned towards life’s ordinary challenges.  In my opinion, Equanimity is the most formidable of the four.

The longer we live the more we realize how little influence we have on our lives and the lives of people we care for deeply.  The closer we look the more powerless we become. It’s no wonder why we hold on to anything that conveniences us that we have power and control (whether true or not).  Equanimity is the calming/accepting energy in our daily lives.  It is the foundation of confidence,  trust,  faith, peace, serenity, etc…  It is our true source of power in every day life.

On Thursday we’ll talk about how to touch into this power.

Until then…


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