Power of the Dharma

This week we’re going to shift our discussion just a bit to where the power of Dharma comes from.  This discussion should last for a month or so.  The discussion involves two foundational aspects of mental liberation and is the framework of what we in the west call mindfulness practice.

The two aspects are the Four Noble Truths (there’s suffering, there’s a cause to suffering, there’s a cause to the cessation of suffering, and there’s a way out of suffering) and the Four Brahma Viharas (lovingkindness, compassion,  sympathetic joy and equanimity).  Although generally thought of as very separate principles, I would like to discuss them together. In reality, the two are interrelated,  intertwined and interconnected with each other.  You need to understand both to realize the power of Dharma.

We’ll start Thursday with a general discussion about both.  I’m looking forward to this discussion.  I hope you feel the same.

With a deep bow


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