Power and liberation

I was asked after our sit last week to speak more about what I mean by “power” when speaking about Dharma. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this but it is actually a very important aspect of liberation.

The power rooted in the Four Bases of Power is not physical nor mental.  Mind/body power is rooted in judgment and opinion.  One has to think, or believe, something is possible to attempt it.  When dealing with a perceived problem, we have to believe success is possible or we will ignore any suggestion.  When we hear of some theory, is has to have some aspect of verifiability for us to accept it.  When we rely on mental or physical power we are boxed into our particular mental/physical capacity.

Power that comes from practice is related to whatever is called for in the moment.  It is universal not personal. It is inter-dependent upon one seeing a situation without judgment and staying with it whether pleasant or unpleasant.  Dharma related power is not connected to the ego so it is not stuck in a box.  It is a by-product of practice.  Practice allows the heart to generate whatever the appropriate amount of power is needed to hold or address any situation.

We’ll talk Thursday about how this power shows up in life and how to cultivate it.  See you then.


Event Announcement:
Thursday January 15 @ 5:30 PM

The non-indictment rulings in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases have underscored the continued inequity communities of color experience within the United States justice system. These inequities are embedded within our history and impact our daily lives with often devastating consequences. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Pecha Kucha Seattle, the Northwest African American Museum and the Seattle People of Color Salon will host PKN SEA vol. 58: #BlackLivesMatter – Examining American Identity in the 21st Century. The event will bring together voices from across our community to illuminate the landscape of activism shaping our regional and national conversation around race and to provide tools and resources to inspire change. The event will be held on Thursday, January 15th, 2014 from 5:30-9pm at the Northwest African American Museum, 2300 S. Massachusetts Street, Seattle WA 98144.


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