Happy Thanksgiving – Changes afoot

This is an important reminder that we will not gather next Thursday as it is Thanksgiving. We hope all of you are celebrating bounty with friends and family.

This post is to update you on the results of the annual Sangha business meeting some of us attended a couple of weeks ago. There were many ideas discussed and some resulting changes. You can see the full meeting notes here. This is new information since that post. All changes will begin on December 4th and continue until next year’s Sangha meeting.

First, we will meet in the downstairs chapel of the church, facing south. This became a viable option when we were able to get a non-master key. The primary advantages of this location are a lower barrier to access (fewer stairs and no buzzer to be admitted) and a cozier environment.

Since there is nowhere to store the box with name tags, tea, etc in the room we will keep the box upstairs. Of course this necessitates carrying it down from upstairs and back up afterward. We discussed how to manage the necessary tasks that keep Thursday nights humming along without falling on the same few people each time. We have outlined several functions and we will make sure all slots are filled at least a week in advance. We’ll use the already existing Google Calendar for posting that information.

We may not have tea every week. It will depend on how cold it is and if there are volunteers to handle that function.

We did decide to sit for 40 minutes. This affords ten minutes for meditation instruction when there are new guests. We also discussed how we will handle topics when Tuere is gone for extended periods. One option is to piggyback on whatever SIMS is doing on Tuesday nights.

The last thought is on the language we use when talking about our Sangha. We want to encourage folks to make this their Sangha, with a focus on being a practice group rather than put emphasis on “it’s a drop in group and we hold the space”.

This is OUR Sangha so if you have questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to comment below.


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