Simplicity, Moderation, and Contentment

“Three Robes is Enough,” the title of Ajahn Amaro’s chapter in the book Hooked: Buddhists Writings on Greed, Desire, and the Urge to Consume, describes how the spirit of contentment and voluntary simplicity embodied in the monastic codes can benefit lay people. This week we are very fortunate to welcome a special guest who can speak to this topic much more directly than I can. Tan Kaccana, a Buddhist monk from Abhayagiri Monastery in California, plans to attend our sangha this Thursday. (He’s also my son and I am delighted that he can join us!)

We will use Ajahn Amaro’s chapter as a starting point for discussion again, but feel free to bring any questions you might have regarding monastic life. Tan Kaccana is happy to share from his experience of six years as an ordained monk in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. If you have never met a monk before, this is a wonderful opportunity to talk with a monastic in a very informal setting. We hope you will join us for this precious chance to meditate and discuss the Dhamma.


PS: My husband and I really appreciate the warm welcome we have received from this wonderful sangha!

Editor’s Note: We will meet upstairs this week and we will NOT meet on Thanksgiving.


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