Lotus Sisters: Sutta Study with Arinna & Bonnie

Nov 7 Fri 6:30-8:30pm Sutta Study with Arinna. Accessible- Please call 383-1912 for use of the elevator or contact us. Location: Prospect Congregational Church: 1919 E Prospect, Capitol Hill. Open to all. (sutta is attached) You can hear Bhikku Bodi speak on this subject at: 

Scroll down to #13.

Nov 9 Sun, 10:30-5:00pm Day of Mindfulness with Arinna & Bonnie Duran. Sitting, walking, and eating meditation, a dharma talk, questions and group inquiry.  Location: Highpoint Neighborhood Center, 6400 Sylvan Way West Seattle Open to all. 

Metta to All,
Sue for the Lotus Sisters
more info at: www.lotussisters.org
email: lotus.sisters@yahoo.com
Call: 206 329- 5908


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