Hooked! …Greed, Desire and the Urge to Consume

hookedWe have finished up our discussion on dependent origination but I hope you continue to practice with it from time to time.

Now we are going to turn towards a lighter topic – desire. We are getting ready to move into a holiday season filled with desire,  consumerism, greed and want. We will be exploring the chapters in the book “Hooked! Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire and the Urge to Consume”, edited by Stephanie Kaza.

You are under no obligation to buy the book.   Myself or another Sangha member will read a chapter and use it as a guide to start a bigger conversation.  We will be working with this book for the rest of the year. My hope is that Thursday night will a more open discussion around how we see the topic affecting our lives,  our community and possibly the world.

Also, I’m giving you a heads up that I will be at Keystone Church for the 3 Thursdays in November.   I will be teaching on the topic of what it means to be a Socially Engaged Buddhist/Practitioner.  Please feel free to join me there or attend the Capitol Hill Sangha.

See you Thursday…downstairs again, enter on the south side of the church.


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