Clinging, grasping and craving

This week will be the last week of looking into our habits.   We will be watching the clinging,  grasping and craving around our habits.  When we are ignorant (or unaware) that we are operating on autopilot ( or out of our sense-consciousness) we are trapped in an inevitable cycle of repetition.  We are robotic.  Our daily lives become nothing more than a series of mental impulses.

This week try to notice the clinging,  grasping, craving quality of your habit behavior.  See if you can actually experience that sense of  “I need to do this”. Step back and consider whether the sense (desire) is wisdom or greed?

Someone sent me a quote from U Tejaniya that goes “wisdom desires things but wisdom has a different motivation (than greed).  It understands the true benefit of something and therefore it moves towards that.  It is very different from greed or lust.”  This is the distinction you will be looking at this week.

Remember we’re meeting downstairs again. Enter on the south side of church through the gates. See you Thursday…


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