Mental Formations around our habit

We are continuing to work with Dependent Origination by watching a simple habit.  This week we are going to be working with Mental Formations.  Mental formations are how we recognize and identify objects in our world and the bases of our opinions, comparisons and judgments.  We are going to work with this link by trying to experience our habit with bare awareness.

Try moving through the habit without the usual commentary of the mind giving you a play by play of everything.   See if you can move through the object completely in the present moment.  Let go of any labels,  descriptions or thoughts about what you are doing.   Recognize that it isn’t necessary for the mind to tell you what to do for you to know how to do something.   See if you can let go of thought and just be with the habit.

You can also try investigating the truth of the labels and identifications we go through life with. Notice how much you “think” during the habit. You made need to get very quiet and still to hear this.  Thinking in autopilot can be so subtle that it appears like movement or sensation.   Be quite,  add nothing,  let the movement of the habit be and just free fall into it. See you Thursday:)

With a deep bow…

PS: we’ll be trying the downstairs meeting space again at the church. Enter through the gates on the south side of the building.


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