Pleasant, unpleasant, neutral

This week we will be exploring our habit in relation to feeling tones (pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral – neither pleasant nor unpleasant).   Try to see this as an experiment more so than a problem to solve.  The idea is to let wisdom raise from your internal awareness not from a mental analysis.  To that end, let feeling tones be the object of your practice this week.

Experience the habit through your feeling tones by letting yourself experience the tone associated with your habit.  Whenever you notice any thinking or thoughts,  let them go and return to the quality of the tone while doing the habit. The less you try to get somewhere or figure something out,  the more relaxed and concentrated you will become.  It is when you are concentrated on the feeling tone rather than on what it means that understanding comes (which is true for any of the links we are practicing with).

See if you can notice feeling tones at the beginning of the habit,  during the habit and at the end. Your habit should be something you do a lot so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice. FYI – practicing with feeling tones can be very subtle and nebulous.  It can bring up a lot of thinking, analysing and judgments. Try not to get stuck in the thinking.  Feel your way through the habit and give yourself permission to just let the experience be however it is.

If you find feeling tones too difficult to stay concentrated on, go back to working with the senses (seeing,  hearing,  touching,  tasting and smelling) which are grosser experiences and can be easier to stay with.  Finally,  do not be surprised or worried if your understanding changes from this to that.  Just work on staying with the link like staying with an object in meditation.  See you Thursday.

With a deep bow…


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