Investigating a habit

We will continue our work investigating a habit for the next 2 weeks.   Try to pick one habit for this entire exploration into dependent origination.  See if you can look at the behavior as if you were a cultural anthropologist (to borrow Rodney’s phrase) or a scientist.   The idea is to just notice as much as you can without judgment.  Try not to let the mind come to any conclusions about why the habit exits or what the habit says about you.  Dismiss any conclusions you do happen to make.

During the period of investigation notice mental sensations like emotions, pain, numbness,  dullness, spacing out, etc.  Notice body sensations and their intensity.   Notice the environment, the ebb and flow of the behavior, whether you are alone,  with people,  engaged, lost in thought,  etc.  Do you feel more or less energized after the habit, can you notice anything before the habit or anything after.

It doesn’t matter what you notice.   The point of practice is to notice and get comfortable with the actions.

Note: I will be at Keystone Church this Thursday, 8/28.   I will be giving a Dharma Talk on “What is Stillness”.  Feel free to come to Keystone or All Pilgrims.  Capital Hill Sangha will meet for those of you wanting to discuss your practice.

With a deep bow…


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