Pick a simple habit

It’s so good to be back! We are starting a new focus for our practice. We will  spend the next couple of months working with Dependent Origination (DO).   DO is about watching or noticing how the mind operates.  When we see clearly the power the mind has over I urge view,  opinions,  beliefs,  even our world,  we have greater access to choose if we want to continue doing what have always done before.   There are 12 separate aspects of DO.  These aspects are commonly called links.  They are the 12 places in which one could escape from a continuous cycle of habitual living.

We will spend the next two weeks working with the first two links – ignorance and volition.  Each of us will pick thing we do habitually.   Make it something simple!  It can be a “good” or “bad” habit.  This week we are just noticing.  You may notice that you realize the habit long after it’s done.   You may notice sensations with the habit.   You may notice you know it did it but don’t remember doing it.  It can be anything.   Just notice.

One more thing….

It is important that you begin or continue with a daily meditation practice.  Practice noticing sensations, unpleasantness,  pleasantness and thoughts. Meditating for at least 15 minutes a day will help you establish a capacity to stay with an experience without having to change it.



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