Final Fetter…Ignorance

Great discussion tonight.   We have finally finished all of the ten fetters.   Next week we’ll go through a summary of all ten. This week see if you can practice with “ignorance” by becoming aware of your habitual actions, moods, thoughts and judgments. Try to just see them as something that is a habit of the mind and not you.  Try to simply notice  without making a big deal about it.

You can work with this fetters by seeing if you can loosen up around your judgments and opinions.  Can you recognize that there are many other things/phenomenon arising in the moment in addition and/or unrelated to your judgment/opinion? Can you let whatever insight(s) expand the moment, keeping in mind that it is enough to simply notice.

You can also work with this fetters by noticing the pleasantness,  unpleasantness or neutrality of things/phenomenon.  When you notice,  see if you can place your attention on a meditative object like sound, touch, or the breath and continue to experience the moment while being connected to the meditation object rather than your evaluation of the moment.  Let whatever insight(s) come into your awareness without the need to “know” or “figure out” what’s happening. See if you can let the experience be unidentified or labeled as we do with sound or touch during sitting practice.

Finally,  began to think about something you would like to focus on next.  We will pick a new subject next week.

With a deep bow…


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