Venerable Pannavati

Another Great Discussion Tonight!  We are working our way through the fetters and the conversations are really engaging. This week we are going to stay with the Desire for Material Form and Desire for Immaterial Form.  We are looking into the ways in which we lean into becoming and try to push away from experiencing unpleasantness.

For the next two weeks see if you can just notice the constriction of self. Notice the quality of mind. Notice the quality of the body. Ground yourself – feeling your feet on the floor or in your shoes. See if you can come into the present moment and really experience the the sense of self.

Please note that Tuere will not be with us the next few weeks. Next week she is hosting Ven. Pannavati and then the following two weeks she’ll be leading the SIMS program at Keystone Church in Wallingford. We will continue to hold the space, sitting and discussing the Dharma from 6:45 to 8:45 PM each Thursday.

Ven. PannavatiNext week Venerable Pannavati will be in the Pacific Northwest and we are thrilled to be sponsoring an event on Friday Night.  Please join us at All Pilgrims Church main Sanctuary 5/30, 7-9 pm. For the complete schedule view this PDF VENERABLE PANNAVATI FLYER.


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