Continuing with the Ten Fetters

We have spent several weeks working with and talking about the first three fetters (identity view, rituals & doubt). It was necessary to move through the remaining seven with the right view. The first three fetters really help us see how our need to protect the self also keeps us trapped in the same self-images. We have seen and discussed the liberating quality of living live anew.

Next week we will turn towards the next two fetters – craving for sensual desires and ill will or negativity. These two fetters are sensory driven mind states. They are connected to our more primal brain stem and can really control our perceptions, behaviors and thoughts. As we begin to investigate, we will soon see the true nature of these misinterpretations and will examine ways to free ourselves from their grip.

Please Note: Tuere will be teaching at Keystone Church the first two Thursdays of April (4/3 & 4/10). Talks will be on Finding Joy in Suffering. The first Thursday will be the talk and the second Thursday will be a summary and discussion on the subject. Our Capitol Hill Sangha will continue to meet, for those who prefer to attend remain on The Hill. You are welcome to attend either group.



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