Insight Dialogue

Summer has arrived in Seattle! The weather has been amazing and I am looking forward to our Insight Dialogue practice. We will start with the usual chanting at 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm sit . At 7:30 we will have our tea/salad and I will explain the evening’s contemplation. We will break into diads (sometimes triads and groups) for the contemplation practice. We will spend about 20 minutes with each contemplation and then reform in the larger group for a short closing discussion. You should probably expect to finish between 8:45 and 9:00 pm. Please feel free to leave earlier if necessary.

A word about the contemplations….

Insight Dialogue is a meditative practice to observe speech and the intentions behind speech. There are seven guidelines to assist you with this practice. These guidelines will also support your ability to remain engaged in the practice with all of your relationships by giving you direct access to your center core of peace. The contemplation practices help you experience this center core of peace so you can learn how to connect to it throughout your daily lives. The seven guidelines are – pause, relax, open, trust emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth.

In an effort to help you remember the guidelines I have made something special for each of you. It is small enough for you to carry and striking enough to remind you to use the practice. I will pass them out next week.

We will not be meeting this week given that Thursday is July 4th. Have a safe holiday.

With deep bows… Tuere


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