Lovingkindness is in the Air… February Sit Schedule

Love is in the air this month (well at least it is supposed to be:-)!).  We will be finishing up our discussion of the Paramis.  We will talk about Resolution this week 2/7, Lovingkindness on 2/14 and Equanimity on 2/21.  The 4th Thursday in February is 2/28th.  As you know it is open to anyone wishing to share the dharma.  If you are interested in something like this, I am encouraging you to let me know.  We can talk about it in advance and I am will to support you any way I can.  I can help you prepare and offer some pointers.  Just think about it…  If no one volunteers we will read a Sutta which is also very nice. 
Also, On 1/22/13 Rodney started a new series.  It is about dependant origination.  I can be a complicated topic but it is very important.  Many of you may not be able to come directly to SIMS but I urge you to consider listening to the talks online, you can find them on the SIMS website. You can find a link to the website on this blog.   Dependant Origination is about our habits, how we create our stories and how to began to see the conditioning we live with.  If you have any problems understanding the talks we can talk about it but please do try to listen to the whole series.

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